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Sugeng Rawuh..
Warisan Resort is a Village Javanese Houses reflect the living of “Kampoeng Jawa”. Located on the outskirt of Solo, the villas are ideal for a tranquil honeymoon escape or a family vocation in Java. Warisan has 11 villas that individually decorated with antique art collections. The Villa size ranges from 36m2 to 78m2 with outdoor veranda. Each room has been constructed from an original javanese antique Limasan and Joglo, from different part of Java, Kudus, Demak Pati and also Jepara. Overlooking an expanse of gorgeous terraced rice paddies just outside the resort, Warisan Resto & Resort has a relaxing atmosphere throughout which is further enhanced by excellent service. Our remarkable signature art collection, displayed throughout the resort & resto, represents the owner’s passion and lifetime achievement of collecting vintage and rare artifacts from around Indonesia. For those who appreciate such things, our art collection represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to view a number of vintage collections of Indonesian handycrafts. Warisan Resort introduce you to experience the authentic sides of Java, wether it’s the rich variety of our local cuisines,the warm hospitality from our friendly staffs,the heritage atmosphere. Warisan Resort brings you closer to the heritage roots of true Java.


“Urip Iku Urup”
Life is Light, Life it should provide benefits to others around us, the greater the benefits we can give would be much better.

Just like one of our famous Javanese old philosophy, In here we value our tradition and natural touch and server you with the best of Indonesian hospitality.

With our distictive facilities and service, we pamper our guest with unique local Javanese tradition, natural touch environment, perfect family values and freshness in every aspect of the resto & hotel.


A Touch of Indonesia Hospitality with Experience of the local Javanese traditions culture. We offer a value-for-money accommodation and uncompromising hospitality in well appointed facilities. By offering traditional themes in design and traditional standards of hospitality, we aim to bring the touch of javanese culture to both our resort and resto.




Feel the warmness and sincere smile of the staff and enjoy your wonderful days with our wonderful people.

Acomfortable hotel is only possible when a thorough-minded team of professional individuals works in harmony for the benerfit of custumers, every Warisan Employee is considered an integral part of the groups’s success.

With a friendly smile, polite, helpful and an open hertedly, our employees are more than ready to help you with everyting you need.


Immerse yourself in Warisan Javanese’s culinary journey. Start your journey with a fine selection of meats, fishes, veggetables that Warisan Culinary Team passionately prepare for an authentic Javanese cuisine menu inspired by local seasonal ingredients to grant an unparalleled experience of dining in Warisan. Venue with Joblo creates an exotic feel for diners as they experience stunning views of our natural surroundings. Selamat Makan!


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