Feel the warmness and sincere smile of the staff and enjoy your wonderful days with our wonderful people.

Acomfortable hotel is only possible when a thorough-minded team of professional individuals works in harmony for the benerfit of custumers, every Warisan Employee is considered an integral part of the groups’s success.
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Life is Light, Life it should provide benefits to others around us, the greater the benefits we can give would be much better.

Just like one of our famous Javanese old philosophy, In here we value our tradition and natural touch and server you with the best of Indonesian hospitality.

Urip Iku Urup
Immerse yourself in Warisan Javanese’s culinary journey. Start your journey with a fine selection of meats, fishes, veggetables that Warisan Culinary Team passionately prepare for an authentic Javanese cuisine menu inspired by local seasonal ingredients to grant an unparalleled experience of dining in Warisan.
Warisan Javanese’s Culinary

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Traditional SPA

Romantic Dinner

Enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved ones in WARISAN Resto. You will get a nice garden view and candle light make your moment more perfect

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Wedding is the unforgettable moment in our life. Once and forever. Make your dream comes true. Let`s make it happen here.

Start from IDR 9.750.000 to IDR 30.000.000

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